Don’t be a Turkey! Celebrate with Either of Two Rent to Own Specials – You Can Own in Under a Year, No Down Pay, Earn a Mortgage, Pets, Great! No Credit Check Plan

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Own a home of your own in under a year, even with bad or no credit and no down payment. Your credit doesn’t matter. You Matter!

And here is a Holiday Home also with the Famous Rental

I want to buy a home of my own without the bank saying “no” and all rent becomes down payment is great, but I haven’t seen the one I want yet, so I am going to list my first name and email below, so put me on the VIP Alert List and let me know of all the homes you have on the Famous Rent to Own.

Put me on the VIP Alert List George

Moving to Florida? Who Can You Trust to Find You a Home?

When you are making a big move today it can get pretty expensive. Make a trip to find a place, hope it is still available when you finally move or live in a hotel until you find the right place. Maryan and George Beardsley at Advanced Realty Team, the home of the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids(TM) have been helping folks move to and within Florida for years. Hear what some of those real people had to say about dealing with the Beardsleys. And if you need to sell a house fast, as is in Tampa Bay Call or Email or Text Maryan and George.

Let’s face it. Moving to the Land of Sunshine is not easy. You normally come down from where you live up north and look for a home, find one, go back up north, pack and come back. Lots of motel bills, gas, time. Chelsey and Matt joined a growing number of folks up north that find their home on line with the Beardsleys and the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids(tm) and when they came down to Florida their home was waiting for them. Scary to send money before you move and you really need to check out the people you deal with. Matt and Chelsey were delighted with their home and recommend Maryan and George at the Famous rent to Own on Steroids Team.

Steve has already made what looks like a new home and only eight months into the renovation. Famous rent to Own on Steroids Program(tm) lets you own a home of your own with all rent paid in the entire first year becoming your down payment and you earn a mortgage based on what you do now, not credit score. In fact we have a no credit check program. for details call George Beardsley most flexible seller landlord on the planet at 727 644 4661. George has a real estate license and if you deal directly with George you pay no real estate commission.

Dawn and Ed move into a dream home already in the process of renovation to style it the way they want. And they recommend the Famous Rent to Own on Steroids Program(tm) and tell how easy and fast it was to find the right home working with Maryan and George Beardsley. George answered the phone and always called back.

Dorothy and her neice Dena had been planning the move to Florida from Ohio for years and had watched the Famous Rent to Own on steroids videos and when it was finally time to move they first rented a home from someone else. Once they saw it they remembered the Famous Rental Program and called George at 727 644 4661 and days later they had moved in to a home they loved. You can call George too, he has a real estate license and if you deal directly with George Beardsley yo pay no real estate commisson. If you need to sell a home fast in Tampa Bay call George and let your home become a Famous Rent to Own on Steroids. We buy houses fast, cash and easy.

Moving to Florida and finding a home can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Ted and his family found one of the homes offered by George and Maryan Beardsley of Advanced Realty Team by long distance and checked them out by video and reserved a home they had never seen in person and packed the van and moved. What did they think when they saw the house and what do they recommend if you are looking to move to Floirda.